Why HCG is best for BodyBuilding!

The HCG routine is basically a weight loss regime with calorie cycling. It’s strictly nontraditional, yes it’s a new approach to improve your health. But, how does it hold up? Is it effective for bodybuilding or not?

It’s surely effective for bodybuilding and weight loss. But is it the only way? We are naming them with details in following!


The Traditional Approach

The old traditional diet is about eating only a couple of calories and burn a ton of them. This concept works by making you burn up the fat deposits in your body. It only needs a few things to work on. This includes will power and dedication. Plus, weight loss doesn’t always mean fat loss.  Following are the main benefits of this approach:

  • There are no time commitments
  • There is plenty of room to experiment

The only problem with this routine is it’s hard to follow and keep up with!

The HCG Approach

This approach is very strict. You can take it via injection or drops. This plan makes the fat cells release fat from your body to burn up and use them as energy. For instance, if you go with the 500 calories a day diet, it will make you lose fat swiftly. The best part is, you won’t experience much hunger, as you do with other plans.  Following are its detailed benefits.

  • Quick Weight Loss
  • Helps for Bodybuilding
  • The Weight Loss is basically “Fat ”
  • It doesn’t make your Skin Lose and baggy
  • Preps the Body for Better Maintenance

It’s Basically a Pregnancy Hormone

Do you know which is the first hormone produced by a pregnant subject? It’s HCG! Yes, this is the hormone responsible for prepping the body to carry the whole development. It turns on the faucet for a constant flow of progesterone and estrogen. These are also responsible for the weight gain. If it is not controlled, the production can lead to weight gain and type II diabetes eventually.

Portrait Of A Physically Fit Young Man In A Healthy Club
Portrait Of A Physically Fit Young Man In A Healthy Club

The Caloric Cycle

If you get bored with eating the same thing and you can’t bear staying away from your favorite food for a while, then this bit is for you. You can take this approach as it helps you with body building and losing your weight.  When you are working with this approach, you burn for days while feeding. On the burns day, you are going to consume a low-calorie diet and on feed day, you can let the hungry beast out of the cage.

This cycling makes it better and workable as compared to others. This is a great example of how you can make a healthy routine fun and easy. Besides all the fun, it offers you the following benefits!

  • You can eat whatever you want
  • There are built-in cheat days
  • It’s easier to follow as compared to others
  • Easy to stick with for months
  • It helps you to learn portion control
  • Offers a concrete way to maintain your routine

This approach gives you a quick sneak way to get off your routine. Therefore, it’s hard to keep up with.