Why is HCG necessary during Testosterone Therapy?

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is medically used in females to induce ovulation and stimulate the production of testosterone in males. HCG is injected into the muscle tissue or subcutaneous fat, and it works well. In males, the HCG works to mimic LH (luteinizing hormone) that excites Leydig cells in the testicles to create testosterone. This action is important, and it causes the testes to return to the normal size and function. Men on testosterone therapy require HCG on a weekly basis.

Bodybuilding. Strong man and a woman posing on a black background
Bodybuilding. Strong man and a woman posing on a black background

Importance of HCG during Testosterone Therapy

If your body has sufficient amount of testosterone, your brain will not send any LH signal to your testicles. You can’t make testosterone until the level returns to the normal limit. If you are getting testosterone from an outer source, your brain will not send a signal to your testicles. The testicles of a man will start shrinking in size, and the amount of reduction of the testicles is different in each man. With the help of HCG, you can quickly restore the function and size of testicles.

HCG Stimulates Testosterone Production

HCG has an ability to stimulate the testosterone production, and the regular use of HCG will desensitize your Leydig cells to your natural LH. Once you stop HCG, your testicles will not be able to recognize the signal from your brain. HCG can increase your testosterone for almost five days after you inject it.

Estrogen Production

HCG is good to stimulate estrogen production because the increase of testosterone in your body can aromatize your testosterone into estrogen. It will be good to use HCG during treatment to prevent potential problems.

During testosterone therapy, your cholesterol level will be increased, and cholesterol is an initial chemical composition for many hormones. LH often stimulates the enzyme that can change the cholesterol into useful hormones. While you are taking testosterone, the LH is suppressed, and once you inject the HCG, the enzyme will be stimulated again. After this stage, the procedure flows normally.

Methods to Taking HCG

It is recommended to use 500IU HCG three times in a week. After using it in the first week, you will stop its use for almost three weeks. It will be good to inject HCG during the first week of every month. You can inject it as an insulin injection used for diabetes. It will take almost six hours to get its level to the peak, and this level may remain at the peak for 36 hours. The level will be back to the baseline after 72 hours.

You can get a ready-to-use kit and inject almost 5ml bacteriostatic water and inject it into the dry HCG vial. There is no need to shake HCG because peptide molecules held together by weak bonds of carbon. Shaking can destroy these molecules. You can inject 0.5ml of mixed HCG with the help of an insulin syringe. The vial can be used for 30 days after mixing it. Use of HCG during testosterone therapy is important to maintain the testicular function and size. It will balance important hormones in your body.